Five Learning Outcomes

At Langham Oaks school we have developed 5 key outcomes which are embedded into everything we teach at school and in our residential setting.

Engage in learning

Engaging in positive learning experiences is paramount to the success of pupils at Langham Oaks School both academically and on a social and emotional level. The curriculum has been designed to make sure that we encourage engagement at each stage of a pupil’s development. In year 6 and 7 we focus heavily on the development of social and emotional skills, reengaging pupils with the learning process and giving them the confidence to feel successful. We call this the engage phase. In year 8 and 9 we are looking to broaden their development, in particular building upon the feeling of self-worth and their place within the school community.

We want the pupils to feel heard and feel empowered to make good decisions.

We call this the develop phase. By year 10 and 11, pupils are ready to explore the wider community. We increase the focus around accreditation, college and careers supporting them with their future decisions and motivating them to achieve. We have called this the achieve phase.

Learn to learn

A large part of the learning experience in SEMH schools, is teaching pupils the behaviours that will improve their learning potential. Many pupils have had difficult experiences in mainstream settings where they have struggled to meet the demands of the curriculum and expectations around behaviour. This can often be because their underlying social, emotional and learning needs have not been met. At Langham we aim to address this deficit in their learning by coaching the necessary behaviours for learning, social skills and emotional intelligence. In essence, pupils are taught how to learn and be successful in school.

Value Community

At Langham Oaks school, all of the teaching staff work tirelessly to make sure the boys we teach feel valued, safe and gain positive experiences. This sense of belonging is a culture we aim to foster in everyone. We also aim to create experiences for the pupils so they can value their own communities and become a positive citizen within them. We achieve this by promoting external links in the local community, collaborating on projects within the community (clearing the local footpaths, providing home grown produce for the local shop) as well as inviting them into the school to forge friendships and trusting relationships (dining under the oaks, invitations to sports day and our end of year celebration).

Value Self

Pupils at Langham Oaks School have a range of social, emotional and learning needs. Left unsupported, this would drastically impact on the potential progress our pupils can make. Supporting pupils to believe they can be successful and value themselves is embedded into everything we do in school. Providing opportunities to foster this belief can be seen everywhere you look, from activities in class, trips and visits, clubs, sporting fixtures or residential opportunities to name but a few.

Aspire for the future

School is the stepping-stone to higher education and the world of work. At Langham Oaks we are passionate about providing a clear route forward for our pupils. We aim to provide the support, knowledge and skills that will make our pupils feel comfortable with their next steps into the wider world. We achieve this by offering a comprehensive careers, PSHE, life skills and social curriculum, purposely designed to provide pupils with all of the tools they will need in the wider world.