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School Vision / Ethos

Langham Oaks places its pupils at the very centre of our community.

A community that cares, learns together, understands failure as part of success, provides hope and provides the opportunity for a fresh start.  

Langham Oaks aims to: 

  • Offer a varied, diverse, and adaptive curriculum with well-structured and imaginative lessons that aim to engage or re-engage our pupils, develop the skills necessary to achieve and move on to the next stage of their education, training or employment.

  • Promote an environment which feels safe and secure and develops consistent, positive relationships. 

  • Understand individuals and personalise their curriculum to better meet their needs.

  • Provide a range of unique opportunities and experiences for all pupils.

  • Work in partnership, communicate and always seek a way to move forward  

  • Encourage pupils to make good choices, take responsibility and expand their tolerances. 

  • Empower pupils to take their place in the world.