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Curriculum Overview

The curriculum at Langham Oaks has been designed to offer a planned and logically sequenced education that is flexible so it can be adapted to meet the individual needs of each pupil.

Our subject based specialist curriculum is delivered to all pupils within three phases:-

  • Engage
  • Develop
  • Achieve

The organisation,  approach to delivery, pedogogy and learning space in each phase is aimed to meet the needs of the pupils.  This allows us to  identify gaps from the stage before and builds on what has already been learnt, balancing the academic progress alongside the social development of pupils.  At each stage, there is a clear focus on numeracy and literacy as well as developing the skills and traits of self-management, relationships, tolerance and teamwork, with an emphasis on promoting learning outside the classroom.

Our personalised curriculum offers pupils access to a range of educational and therapeutic interventions to support pupils' social and emotional needs and wellbeing, ensuring pupils get the right support at the right time.

In addition, as the curriculum develops, the flexibility will allow pupils to remain in part or fully within each stage, providing pupils with opportunities to develop the necessary qualities, skills and qualifications required before successfully transitioning to their next stage of learning or employment.

Adaptation will be key to pupils' progress at Langham Oaks. Pupils arrive with very different experiences of education, with gaps and barriers in their learning, together with a variety of learning styles.

SEMH pupils need every lesson to have either a variety of options, or different ways to complete the same tasks to demonstrate learning. At Langham Oaks it is always useful to have a ‘Plan B’ or alternative if required.

During the achieve stage pupils may be working on a variety of differing qualifications to meet their needs.


Curriculum and Assessment Overview