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Home Learning Websites and Resources

Please find below a list of some of the websites offering free or trial periods of their resources. They have been broken down into different subjects but often websites do in fact cover the whole curriculum. None of these websites require payment to access so some of the obvious platforms haven’t been included. Some do require you to log in or create a free account to access.

Online Safety

Gooseberry Alerts contain practical e-safety tips and information.


Interactive activities covering a whole range of subjects and year groups

Huge treasure trove of activities that cover a whole range of subjects. Also holds links to games etc that are hosted by other sites.

A new picture is shared each day to provoke discussion, debate or writing ideas. This includes a range of activities for pupils to choose from.  Suitable for older pupils.

A huge range of different subjects and focuses, arguably the best host of any resource you could need. Have offered a free account in the result of school closures.

Lots of specific links to different sites that offer free resources or learning platforms.

Huge range of different resources and information broken down into Key Stages and year groups.

Free online resource packs

Free to access 100s of courses, only pay to upgrade if you need a certificate in your name (own account from age 14+ but younger learners can use a parent account).

For those revising at GCSE or A level. Tons of free revision content. Paid access to higher level material.

All sorts of engaging educational videos

Wide range of cool educational videos

Listening activities for the younger ones.…

Activities and quizzes

Free kindness calendar teaching resource for primary aged children


Spelling activities with specialist resources for year 1 - 6

Free online digital download of a specialist children’s newspaper.

Downloadable reading activity pack.

Free online books –brilliant if you can’t get to the library

English Learning Resources,6SMBU,1EE05D,R6X0Q,1

Quality children's literature at the heart of all learning,6SS3U,1EE05D,R7OLY,1

Poetry is a fundamental element in the development of children’s literacy. This site holds an extensive bank of poems for children and teaching resources, videos of poet performances and interviews to support the teaching of poetry in the classroom.



Times tables and number bond practise

Personalised maths & spelling practice that pupils love. Engage your pupils with adaptive learning and multi-player games. Aligned to all major curricula for ages 5 to 14, Sumdog is proven to accelerate progress


Lots of science subject areas covered with resources specifically designed for primary age children. (Other subjects are also available on this site).

Science activities and videos

Science awards you can complete from home.

Free science lessons



Lots of online videos that help keep children active inside and also teach mindfulness and meditation (PE)

Joe Wicks has recorded various 5 minute fitness activities aimed at primary school children

Some videos are free –dances, workouts, fitness challenges

Tons of FREE fun, healthy activities for your pupils to use at home.


Learn computer programming skills - fun and free.

Creative computer programming

Digital enterprise award scheme you can complete online.



Activities and quizzes for younger kids.

Geography gaming!



Aimed at Secondary age. Multi disciplinary activities.

Liverpool War Museum LIVE LESSONS (Videos and Worksheets)






All kinds of making.



If you have a stamp and a nearby post box.

Educational online games

Creative art and craft activities for the very youngest.

Support for mental health and wellbeing - copy the link below: