Admissions Procedure

Langham Oaks School has a designated number on roll of 80 male pupils aged 10-16 with EHCPs for social, emotional and mental health issues.

The school accepts referrals only from Essex Local Education Authority, and all potential applicants for places must be processed by the Special Needs department situated at County Hall in Chelmsford. The school will, however, receive informal inquiries by email addressed to the Headteacher via

It is anticipated that pupils will have a EHC plan, and will be referred following consultation with the LA's Formal Assessment and Evaluation Service. 

The policy of the school is to obtain as much relevant information as possible on the pupil, school situation and family background to determine the placement at the school, linking key personnel with initial management programmes. Accordingly following receipt of papers the following procedure is initiated:

  1. The Head Teacher will contact the relevant Authority or Department to inform them that papers have been received and are to be acted upon.
  2. An appointment will be made for the parents to visit and for a discussion with parents and pupil.
  3. The school may liaise with the pupil's current school, or in the case of an excluded pupil, their former school, if possible.
  4. Those other agencies involved in completing the statement will be asked for relevant information.
  5. An appointment will be arranged for the pupil and family members to visit the school for an interview by members of the Senior Management Team and for the family to make an assessment of the school.
  6. The school will advise the Local Authority if the pupil / parent wishes to take up the placement.
  7. The school will keep the relevant department or Authority aware of the progress of the admissions procedure.

Pupil admission will be entirely dependent on the speed with which transport can be arranged. They require a minimum of ten days notice.

The school will prefer to admit pupils with a minimum interval of two working weeks to maintain the stability of the school environment and to ensure that each new child receives individual attention. It is not therefore possible to guarantee a time between receipt of papers and admission. An approximate time can be given and this should be requested from the school at the time of the pupils application for a place.