Off site Learning

What is off-site learning?

There are occasions where the needs of the pupil may be better served off-site.

Langham Oaks has a dedicated off-site tutor as well as links to a number of agencies who provide off-site support to our pupils. Off-site learning generally takes place at a location close to the pupils home (library, cafe etc) and the tutor will arrange a time with home to meet the pupil for their session.

All sessions are carefully planned for and structured to meet the needs of the pupil.

The off-site tutor will liaise with the classroom teacher to make sure the work is relevant and pitched at the correct level. In essence, we bring the school curriculum to the pupil.

Most off-site sessions will consist of core subjects (English, maths and science). Using the Evidence for Learning app we are able to collect evidence of progress during the sessions and link them to the curriculum framework. This allows us to have an up to date record of progress and should the pupil return to the school setting, the teacher can get the pupil up to speed quickly and with minimum impact on the returning pupil.