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The science department recognises that some pupils at Langham Oaks may struggle due to previous learning and ability. As a result of this we aim to provide an opportunity for all pupils to achieve their potential through differentiated programmes of study.

We aim to provide a programme of study which enables the sequential development of knowledge, understanding and skills and therefore showing continuity and progression across the phases of Engage, Develop and Achieve.

To encourage curiosity about science and the natural world.

To support pupils to obtain knowledge, understanding and skills to solve problems and make informed decisions in scientific contexts.

To encourage pupils to advance in scientific inquiry, to plan and carry out practical tasks using a variety of different apparatus and draw relevant conclusions.

To present scientific ideas, arguments and practical experiences accurately in a variety of ways.

To think analytically, critically and creatively to solve problems, judge arguments and make decisions in scientific and other contexts

To provide experiences which are challenging, stimulating and where appropriate directly relevant to the present and future needs of the pupils.

To present learning activities which are varied in nature including practical tasks which can be illustrative or investigative, formal teaching, group discussion, project work and the use of I.T.

At the Engage and Develop phase, Science aims to build and strengthen pupils’ confidence in applying their knowledge to new situations and being sufficiently adept in transferring of those skills that adequately reflects their understanding of subject and topic content. To deliver a science course that that offers pupils the ability to access Double Award GCSE, but also enthuses and motivates them to want to study science. To introduce and develop working scientifically – practical skills and the scientific method, scientific vocabulary and writing.

At the Achieve phase pupils will be working with greater confidence and will have the opportunity to achieve either Single Science Entry Level or Double Science Entry Level and some of them will be able to progress to Double Science GCSE.



All pupils have the opportunity to study Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Engage pupils follow a topic based curriculum which in year 6 follows the same topics as English. Each of the main areas of study is divided into smaller sections that progress and develop knowledge as the pupil moves through the stage. Emphasis is based on practical activities and an understanding of why the topic is important. The skills acquired are then added to in the development and achieve phase. All the skills identified will be relevant across all group in Science but will be accessed at different depths.

Develop and Achieve pupils follow the AQA Scheme of work for Entry level or GCSE. All work is scaffolded thus enabling pupils to work towards Single or Double Entry Level and some onto Double Synergy GCSE.


Planned opportunities for Reading

All lessons have the key vocabulary identified at the start of the lesson alongside the Learning Objectives. The key vocabulary and Learning Objectives are frequently referred to during the lesson and recapped throughout the lesson.

Pupils are encouraged to take part in reading information presented during the lesson, be it individually or as a group.

Pupils are encouraged to read information from Powerpoints and attempt check sheets and quick recaps.



The Science department is committed in ensuring that all pupils wherever possible leave with an accreditation; be it Single Award Entry Level, Double Award Entry Level or Double Synergy GCSE. Langham Oaks aims to ensure that pupils working at all levels will:

Show increased progress over time.

Foster a healthy curiosity about the world around them.

Take pride in completing work.

Have aspiration to sit exams.

Develop stamina and resilience to complete tasks and attempt new challenges.

Respect all living and non-living things.