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In PHSE, our intentions at Langham Oaks are to give all pupils the new and unpredictable opportunities to:

  • Identify themselves- their capabilities, attributes, attitudes, achievements, skills, qualities and what influences these. This will include supporting the children to reflect, seek and utilise feedback. We will support the children in building their resilience, perseverance and motivation. To maintain a healthy self-concept.
  • Understand and build healthy relationships within differing situations, including online.
  • Be able to identify, assess and manage risks to keep themselves safe but not totally avoid taking some risks. This will include being connected to the world online.
  • Understand and respect diversity and equality without generalising and stereotyping. We will support the children in identifying peer influences and how they can be the social norms.
  • Embrace change and circumstances, using resilience, power and inner skills and strategies. They will use their self-regulation skills to promote a positive mindset and manage strong emotions.
  • Control and encounter power as a need to win. How this can manifest it’s self into bullying and how it can be used as a form of negotiation.
  • Find strategies for clarifying their own values and accessing appropriate help and support when they need it.
  • Gaining empathy and compassion towards others in different situations.
  • Incorporate cross-curricular skills such as comprehension through school agreed programmes.
  • Prepare pupils for employability by accessing a varied curriculum and understanding enterprise skills and setting personal goals. To create independence and life skills.
  • Encourage the children to challenge others opinions during group thinking/discussions by evaluating the arguments.


Life Lessons is for Year 7 to Year 11 and is an RSHE spiral curriculum which uses a simple pedagogical approach of ‘Watch, Discuss, Do’. It has discussion based lessons that develop oracy skills with both peer led and expert led bitesize videos. This curriculum also covers all statutory requirements including consent, pornography and mental wellbeing. Whilst Life Lessons is a spiral curriculum, it is devised into blocks which are moveable. Therefore, we can and have been responding safeguarding themes identified via MyConcern and high priority incidents by moving appropriate blocks to be delivered appropriately. We can also consider the profiles of individual groups and address specific issues if necessary.

Year 6 curriculum is used for the Risk Avert Year 6 primary curriculum and resources with the ability to use other year groups resources if that is appropriate to need.


  • Pupils may also be enrolled in AQA Units after Year 9, based on topics being studied that will have assessment criteria followed throughout.
  • Pupils will develop their understanding of the world.
  • Pupils will have practise at interacting respectfully so they are able to develop into good citizens