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  • Develop their understanding of the world around them and their place within it, interact respectfully and successfully with others so that they become good citizens
  • To encourage pupils to enjoy learning by stimulating a passion and interest for the world around them and the human and physical processes which help to shape it. Comparing different places in the world with their local area to gain a greater understanding of the lives and cultures of different people.
  • To provide a curriculum that allows students to have a rounded understanding of the past and that gives an insight into how this impacts on the present and future. Comparing past societies and their values with the present and studying contemporary problems in their historical settings.


  • Humanities will be delivered through the assembly programme and cross curriculum lessons for all year groups.  Assemblies will be on topics that will interest and engage our students whilst being useful in supporting their understanding of themselves, their local area and the world in which they live.  These will be tracked against the KS3 national curriculum standards for History & Geography.
  • Year 6 will have 2 ‘Topic’ lessons a week which will cover Humanities subjects.  These topics will be chosen to reflect pupil interest as part of the Engage phase and will allow for a cross curricular approach.  This means learning will be supported by relevant reading material and a broader focus.
  • Year 7-9 will have 1 ‘Wider World’ lesson per week.  This will have history in term 1, geography in term 2 and R.E. in term 3.
  • Year 10 & 11 Availability of an AQA award/ELC/Half GCSE should anyone take that route in Year 10 and 11 


  • Humanities will not be delivered to simply acquire a body of knowledge or covering every aspect of the topic.  Rather it will be delivered to extend pupils’ skills and thinking around the subject therefore equipping them with the skills to find out for themselves in the future.

Cross curricular Humanities links

Food Technology




Religious Education

Summer 1 – Food for religious and cultural purposes


Autumn 1 – Rationing


Throughout year - Mapwork and history of countries


All year groups – Weather

Climate change

Local river systems.

G4 Geography fieldwork


Local history

Links to 20th Century conflict via gravestones


Year 6 – Summer 1 Wider World

Year 7 - Summer 1 Nature

Year 8 – Summer 1 Environment


Year 8 Autumn 1 – WW1



  • Pupils will develop their understanding of the world.
  • Pupils may  be enrolled in AQA Units after Year 9, based on topics being studied that will have assessment criteria followed throughout.
  • Pupils will have practise at interacting respectfully and understanding different viewpoints, so they are able to develop into good citizens