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BTEC Construction

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In construction we look at developing critical thinking and practical skills and applying scientific and mathematical principles to build technical and design tasks in order to provide students with a breadth and depth of knowledge and skills. We provide students with challenging opportunities through the process of working as part of a team to design, plan and produce a hand built product. We cover industry standard building techniques and skills which enables students to actively engage and take responsibility for their personal development in the process of the artisanal skills to develop as effective and independent life-long learners.

Students will learn to make decisions, consider sustainability and combine skills with understanding to design and make engineered products, exploring ways in which technical, economic and environmental factors interact to shape designing and making.

The vast nature of disciplines and knowledge, which come under the umbrella of construction, provide a variety of opportunities for a wide variety of employment and higher education possibilities. This course develops pupils’ real skills, inspires and motivates, and helps them to prepare for the future and to take the next step towards a construction education and/or career adventure.


The BTEC Introductory course award consists of two components, one component is mandatory, and one component is optional, both are internally assessed. 


The BTEC Introductory course certificate consists of five components, two components are mandatory, and three components are optional, all are internally assessed. 


Optional modules are selected for the student based on the following rational:


  • Government directive to pinch point trades.
  • Life Skills
  • Popular courses provided at local colleges.


Learners will thrive from outstanding teaching and resources; all teachers are actively involved in regular training courses to enhance subject knowledge and to be in line with cutting edge industry developments to develop our teaching pedagogy and knowledge of industry led tooling and hardware for students to use and learn. Students are assessed at the end of each unit alongside high level questioning and regular feedback to inform students of progress. Each student is provided with summative assessment criteria which exemplifies the pass level criteria.



A BTEC in construction is not just a qualification, it’s a pathway to the future, it’s a life skill developed and an opportunity to develop skills outside of a traditional subject. 

By the end of the first academic year, students will have completed their initial mandatory unit, as well as their first practical unit. Students will have developed a level of confidence, maturity and resilience. They will be able to operate machinery and hand tools safely, have a clear vision on their aspirations and have an increased engagement and participation in their learning.

In year two, students will expand on their knowledge of the various trades within the construction industry, participating in self-selected project work, increase their use of hand and power tools and start to think more systematically.

Students will complete a further mandatory course and two additional units. This will provide students with a firm foundation to develop their learning in an environment that best suits them, whether it be a specialist learning provider, a college or an apprenticeship.

Students participating in the BTEC construction will have a greater understanding of STEM and as a result have cross-curricular ties with Math’s, Science, ICT and Art. Greater focus on Literacy has developed, as there is more of a focus on the theory of the subject. As a result, the impact on learning across the curriculum is embedded in the subject and the links to occupational and careers post 16 has a far wider base for the pupils taking BTEC through to an FE environment.